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The men reach the French village La Charette where they find a town full of traders and boats. Most of the citizens are surprised that the men are still alive and treat them kindly. The men see and taste their first beef since leaving.

From the journals...

the party being extreemly anxious to get down ply their ores very well, we Saw Some cows on the bank which was a joyfull Sight to the party and Caused a Shout to be raised for joy

William Clark

Cattle drinking from Missouri River

Herd of cows beside a muddy river

Photo created by the U.S. Geological Service.

we Came in Sight of the little french Village called Charriton
the men raised a Shout and Sprung upon their ores and we soon landed opposit to the Village. our party requested to be permited to fire off their Guns which was alowed & they discharged 3 rounds with a harty Cheer, which was returned from five tradeing boats which lay opposit the village. we landed and were very politely received by two young Scotch men from Canada one in the employ of Mr. Aird a Mr. [blank] and the other Mr. Reed

William Clark

Ramsay Crooks

Early 19th century gentleman

Photo taken at Fort Osage. The original is from the Wisconsin Historical Society.