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The Expedition continues down the Missouri passing the Platte River and reaching the Bald Pated Prairie near present Hamburg, Iowa. Captain Lewis' gunshot wounds are tender, but he can walk and run again. The men are anxious to reach home.

From the journals...

My worthy friend Cap Lewis has entirely recovered his wounds are heeled up and he Can walk and even run nearly as well as ever he Could.

William Clark

Meriwether Lewis

Historical painting of Meriwether Lewis

Painting circa 1807 by Charles Willson Peale, alterations made my Connormah.

The river bottoms are extencive rich and Covered with tall large timber, and the hollows of the reveins may be Said to be covered with timber Such as Oake ash Elm and Some walnut & hickory.

William Clark

Bitternut hickory, Carya cordiformis

Small brushy undergrowth

Photo © MPF. Permission via the Creative Commons 3.0 License.