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A trading boat heading up the Missouri offers a gallon of whiskey, the first spirits the men have had since July 4, 1805. Many men trade their buckskin shirts for shirts made from linen. The Captains warn the traders about the Teton Sioux.

a little above the Petite River de Seeoux we met a tradeing boat of Mr. Ag. Choteaux of St Louis bound to the River Jacque to trade with the Yanktons, this boat was in Care of a Mr. Henry Delorn, he had exposed all his loading and Sent out five of his hands to hunt they Soon arived with an Elk. we purchased a gallon of whiskey of this man and gave to each man of the party a dram which is the first Spiritious licquor which had been tasted by any of them Since the 4 of July 1805.

William Clark

Redware jar

Empty redware clay jar with cork

The Chief & the Squaws & children are awarey of their journey. Children cry &c.

William Clark

Several of the party exchanged leather for linen Shirts and beaver for Corse hats.

William Clark

Linen shirt

Blue-checked linen shirt