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While paddling down the Missouri, they meet fur traders with news from the United States. They learn that Jefferson was re-elected President and that Jean Pierre Chouteau's house burned down. Camp is near present Sioux City, Iowa.

From the journals...

the wind luled a little and we Set out and proceeded on with the wind a head    passed the enterance of redstone River on the N E. Side at 11 A M.

William Clark

Vermillion and Missouri rivers

Historic photo of plains river

Photo circa 1908. From the Robert N. Dennis collection, New York Public Library Digital ID G90F081_023ZF.

Genl. Wilkinson was the governor of the Louisiana and at St. Louis.    300 of the american Troops had been Contuned on the Missouri a fiew miles above it's mouth, Some disturbance with the Spaniards in the Nackatosh Country is the Cause of their being Called down to that Country

William Clark

James Wilkinson

Historic painting of James Wilkinson

Painting circa 1797 by Charles Willson Peale.

Mr. Burr & genl. Hambleton fought a Duel, the latter was killed &c. &c

William Clark

The duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton

Historic painting of a duel