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The men are called to arms when they suspect three Sioux are firing at the men in the rear canoe. They discover that the Indians are friendly Yankton Sioux firing at a discarded wooden keg. They camp above present Yankton, South Dakota.

at 9 A. M we passed the enterance of River Quiequur which had the Same appearance it had when we passed up water rapid and of a milky white Colour

William Clark

Niobrara River

Large plains river with a large flood plain

Photo created by Ammodramus who has released it to the public domain.

I walked on the N. E. main Shore found the bottom rich and thickly covered with Peavine rich weed grass interwoven in Such a manner with grape vines that I could not get through and was obliged to assend a high plains the passing through which I also found tiresom. the grass was nearly as high as my head and the musquitors excessively bad.

William Clark

Richweed, Pilea pumila

Green, leafy bush

Photo by Bill Summers of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

after we all Came together we again proceeded on down to a large Sand bar imediately opposit to the place were we met the Yanktons in Council at the Calumet Bluffs and which place we left on the 1t of Septr. 1804. I observed our old flag Staff or pole Standing as we left it.

William Clark

Least terns, Sternula antillarum

Two birds on the sand

Photo by Robert Etzel, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.