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After yesterday's encounter with the Teton Sioux, the Expedition paddles 70 miles down the Missouri River without stopping to cook or hunt. They camp near the present Yankton Indian Reservation a few miles before the Niobrara River.

at 4 P. M. passed the doome and lowest village of Barking Squirels. this is also the highest up the river where I observed the fox Squirel

William Clark

Old Baldy

Unusual, small, and bare knob of brown earth

Photo by Ammodramus who has released it to the public domain.

in the bottom above the doome on N. E Side I killed 2 fox Squirels

William Clark

Fox squirrel, Sciurus niger

Small squirrel with red tail

Photo ©2007 Calibas. Permission via the GNU Free Documentation License.