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The expedition leaves the Arikara villages. They meet one of their old engageés who, having spent all his wages, asks to return with them. Camp is near present Mobridge, South Dakota. Lewis walks for the first time since being shot.

we proceeded on    passed the Marapa and the We ter hoo Rivers, and landed to dry our bedding and robes &c which were all wet. here we delayed untill 6 P M. and dryed our things which were much Spoiled.

William Clark

Missouri River near Mobridge

Grassy prairie and large river

those dresses usially fall as low as mid leg, they are frequently ornemented with beeds and Shells & Elk tuskes of which all Indians are very fond of.

William Clark

Their women are homely, corse feetured wide mouthes

William Clark

their ornaments are but fiew and those are composed principally of Such articles as they precure from other indians Such as blue beeds, Shell, red paint rings of brass broaches &c.

William Clark

Trade beads

Multi-colored glass beads on strings

From the Bud Clark collection.

they also ware Bears Claws about their necks, Strips of otter Skin (which they as well as the ricaras are excessively fond of) around their neck falling back behind.

William Clark

River otter, Lontra canadensis

Dark fur of a river otter