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The Expedition paddles 40 miles down the Missouri camping at an old Mandan village below the Heart River south of present Bismarck, North Dakota. The area is central to the creation story that Chief Big White relates to the Captains.

From the journals...

at 9 A. M. I saw an Indian running down the beech and appd. to be anxious to Speak to us I derected the Canoes to land. this Indian proved to be the brother of the Chief we had on board and Came down from his Camp at no great distance to take his leave of his brother. the Chief gave him a par of Legins and took an effectunate leave of his brother.

William Clark

Minataree chief

Historic painting of a Minataree Chief

Painting by Karl Bodmer (1840-1843).

after Dinner we proceeded on, to a point on the N E. Side opposit the remains of an old Mandan village a little below the enterance of Chiss-che-tor River and the place we Encamped as we assended this river 20th of October 1804 haveing come 40 miles to day.

William Clark

Missouri River near the Heart River

Large river on a foggy summer morning