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Clark pays Charbonneau for his services as interpreter and leaves him and Sacagawea at their home at the Knife River. Clark makes arrangements to school Jean-Baptiste when he is older. They visit their old Fort Mandan and head down river.

Settled with Touisant Chabono for his Services as an enterpreter the pric of a horse and Lodge purchased of him for public Service in all amounting to 500$ 33 1/3 cents.

William Clark

Leaving the Mandan villages

Historical painting of the Sacajawea and Jean Baptiste watching the expedition leave the Mandan villages

Painting previously located in Southern Hills Mall, Sioux City, Iowa and created by by Split Rock Studios.

they observed that in one year the boy would be Sufficiently old to leave his mother & he would then take him to me if I would be so freindly as to raise the Child for him in Such a manner as I thought proper, to which I agreeed &c.

William Clark

Little Pomp (Jean Baptiste Charbonneau)

Statue of Jean-Baptiste Charbonneau

Statue located at Pompey's Pillar Visitor Center.

we then Saluted them with a gun and Set out and proceeded on to Fort Mandan where I landed and went to view the old works the houses except one in the rear bastion was burnt by accident, Some pickets were Standing in front next to the river.

William Clark

Fort Mandan

Replica of a log fort

Photo ©2010 Chris Light. Permission via the GNU Free Documentation License.

we proceeded on to the old Ricara village the S E wind was so hardd and the waves So high that we were obliged to Come too, & Camp on the S W Side near the old Village.

William Clark