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At the Mandan village north of present Fort Clark, North Dakota, the swivel gun is presented to Chief One Eye. The blacksmith tools are given to the Mandan who provide more corn than can be carried in the boats.

the big white Chief would go if we would take his wife & Son & Jessoms wife & 2 children    we wer obliged to agree to do

William Clark

Yellow Corn

Indian woman in profile

Photo taken at Fort Osage. The original is at the New York Historical Society.

as our Swivel Could no longer be Serveceabe to us as it could not be fireed on board the largest Perogue, we Concluded to make a present of it to the Great Chief of the Menetaras (the One Eye) with a view to ingratiate him more Strongly in our favour after the council was over the gun was fired & delivered, they Chief appeared to be much pelased and conveyed it immediately to his village &c.

William Clark

Swivel gun

Small cannon

Photo ©2008 BrokenSphere. Permission via the GNU Free Documentation License.

Sent up Sergt. Pryor to the mandan village, for Some Corn which they offered to give us. he informed that they had more Corn collected for us than our Canoes Could Carry Six loads of which he brought down. I thanked the Chief for his kindness and informed him that our Canoes would not Carry any more Corn than we had already brought down.

William Clark

Mandan village site

Site of Mandan Indian village

The Commanding Officers gave discharges to the man who agreed to return with the hunters up the river, and the interpreter; who intends settling among these Indians, and to whom they gave the blacksmith's tools; supposing they might be useful to the nation.

Patrick Gass


A collection of old tools