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At the Mandan villages near present Stanton, North Dakota, Clark tries to persuade the Mandan chiefs to travel with them to the nation's capital. With permission, Colter leaves to trap and trade on the Yellowstone River.

From the journals...

we gave Jo Colter Some Small articles which we did not want and Some powder & lead. the party also gave him Several articles which will be usefull to him on his expedittion.—

William Clark

Lead balls, powder measure, and wool blanket

Lead balls on a gray blanket

Provided by the Discovery Expedition of St. Charles.

The Black Cat Chief of the Mandans Village on the North Side of the Missouri Sent over and requested me to go over to his village which envertation I axceptd and crossed over to his village. he had a parcel of Corn about 12 bushuls in a pile in his lodge. he told me that his people had but little corn part of which they had given me

William Clark

Flint corn, Zea mays indurata

Several ears of multi-colored Indian corn