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Lewis and Clark reunite near present Bear Den Creek, North Dakota. The men fire the blunderbusses and small arms in celebration. Clark is surprised to find Lewis lying in a pirogue with a gun shot wound. Stories are exchanged.

at 1 P. M. I overtook Capt. Clark and party and had the pleasure of finding them all well. as wrighting in my present situation is extreemly painfull to me I shall desist untill I recover and leave to my frind Capt. C. the continuation of our journal.

Meriwether Lewis

Missouri River near Four Bears Village

Small short-grass bluff looking over a wide river

I set out early this morning and had not proceeded on far before Shannon discovered he had lost his Tomahk. I derected him to land his Skin Canoe and go back to our Camp of last night in Serch of it

William Clark

Tomahawk (Missouri war axe)

Old iron tomahawk

From the Bud Clark collection.

I must notice a singular Cherry which is found on the Missouri in the bottom lands about the beaverbends and some little distance below the white earth river. the fruit is a globular berry about the size of a buck-shot of a fine scarlet red

Meriwether Lewis

Pin cherry, Prunus pensylvanica

Scientific drawing of cherry plant, blossom, and cherry

Curtis' Botanical Magazine, London., vol. 139; M.S. del, J.N.Fitch, lith. circa 1913.

a little below the enterance of Shabonos Creek we Came too on a large Sand point from the S. E. Side and Encamped. the wind blew very hard from the S W. and Some rain.

William Clark

Missouri River bank

Sandy shore of a wide river