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Lewis is shot in the buttocks in a hunting accident. Just a few miles down the river near present Four Bears Village, North Dakota, Clark meets two white traders who were robbed by the Sioux. They share news of the keelboat's return trip.

From the journals...

we fired on the Elk I killed one and he wounded another, we reloaded our guns and took different routs through the thick willows in pursuit of the Elk; I was in the act of firing on the Elk a second time when a ball struck my left thye about an inch below my hip joint, missing the bone it passed through the left thye and cut the thickness of the bullet across the hinder part of the right thye; the stroke was very severe; I instantly supposed that Cruzatte had shot me in mistake for an Elk as I was dressed in brown leather and he cannot see very well

Meriwether Lewis

Missouri River willows

Thick brush along the Missouri River

proceeded on to a point on the S W Side nearly opposit the enterance of Goat pen creek and encamped found the Musquetors excessively troublesom.

William Clark

Missouri River near Four Bears Village

Prairie and wide, calm river