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Sergeant Pryor's group, which has been floating in bull boats the past several days, catches up with Clark near present Tobacco Creek. Several miles behind them, Lewis stops near modern Williston to dry meat, tan hides, and sew new clothes.

at 8 A. M. Sergt. N. Pryor Shannon, hall & Windsor Came down the river in two Canoes made of Buffalow Skins. [After the Indians had stole all their horses, they had] packed up their baggage on their backs and Steared a N. E. course to the River Rochejhone which they Struck at pompys Tower, there they killed a Buffalow Bull and made a Canoe in the form and shape of the mandans & Ricares

William Clark

Mandan bull boat

Replica of a round boat made from willows and buffalo skin

This bull boat is part of an exhibit at Pompey's Pillar National Monument.

Beleiving from the recent appearances about the fire which we past last evening that Capt Clark could be at no great distance below I set out early

Meriwether Lewis

Missouri River near Williston, North Dakota

Wide blue river river

we Set out as usal and procd. on verry well untill 10 A. M. then not overtaking Capt. Clark & party Capt. Lewis concluded to halt and dry our baggage dress Some Skins as the party is nearly naked

John Ordway

Elk hide and furs

Soft elk hide

at this place I found a good beach for the purpose of drawing out the perogue and one of the canoes which wanted corking and reparing.

Meriwether Lewis

Cut Bluff below Williston, North Dakota

Wide and shallow Missouri river