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After another wet night, Lewis determines to reach the mouth of the Yellowstone over 80 miles away. Pryor is rafting down the Missouri River in bull boats. Clark moves a few more miles down the Missouri camping near Tobacco Creek.

we set out early resolving if possible to reach the Yelowstone river today which was at the distance of 83 ms. from our encampment of the last evening; the currant favoured our progress being more rapid than yesterday, the men plyed their oars faithfully and we went at a good rate.

Meriwether Lewis

Missouri River near Culbertson, Montana

Wide, muddy river and red, burnt bluffs

at or just below the entrance of this river we meet with the first appearance of Coal birnt hills and pumicestone

Meriwether Lewis

Fort Union Formation

Red, tan, and black layers on  Missouri River bank

Red cliffs of the Fort Union Formation, Missouri River

at 8 A. M. we passed the entrance of Marthy's river which has changed it's entrance since we passed it last year, falling in at preasent about a quarter of a mile lower down.

Meriwether Lewis

Big Muddy Creek

Small channelized stream in a prairie

The ash first appears in the instance of one solletary tree at the Ash rapid, about the Elk rapid and from thence down we occasionly meet with it scattered through the bottoms but it is generally small.

Meriwether Lewis

Green Ash, Fraxinus pensylvanica

Pod-like leaves and fruit of the Green ash tree

Photo © SriMesh. Permission via the GNU Free Documentation License.

from Marthy's river to Milk river on the N. E. side there is a most beautifull level plain country; the soil is much more fertile here than above.

Meriwether Lewis

Missouri River at Brockton, Montana

Wide grassy valley and curving river

we also saw an unnusual flight of white gulls about the size of a pigeon with the top of their heads black.

Meriwether Lewis

Forster's tern, Sterna forsteri

Small, white bird with a black head

Photo ©2010 Dick Daniels. Permission via the GNU Free Documentation License.

we included that Capt. C's camp could not be distant and pursued our rout untill dark with the hope of reaching his camp in this however we were disappointed

Meriwether Lewis

Missouri and Yellowstone River confluence

Wide river with low bottoms

Some hard rain this morning after daylight which wet us all.
at 6 P M I landed on a Sand bar on the South Side and Campd.

William Clark

Missouri River sandbar

Wide sandbar on the Missouri River