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Clark, near present Williston, North Dakota, and Lewis, about 100 miles to the west, endure a violent storm during the night. Both groups dry out, and then move down the Missouri River.

From the journals...

we set out early this morning and decended the river about 10 miles below Porcupine river when the wind became so violent that I laid by untill 4 P. M.
in the evening we Camped at a large bottom S. Side

Meriwether Lewis

Missouri River

Cloudy day reflected in a slow moving river

I halted on the N W. Side of this river in the bend above the white earth river, where I saw where the Indians had been digging a root which they eate and use in Seup

William Clark

Breadroot, Psoralea esculenta

Small, low green plant

Photo by Axialtilt who has released it to the public domain.

proceeded on to a Sand bar on the S W. Side below the enterance of White earth river where I landed and had the meat Skins and bedding all put out to dry.

William Clark

Missouri River bottom

Wide bottom with grass and cottonwood trees