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Lewis' group continues down the Missouri camping near present Fort Peck. Clark reaches the mouth of the Yellowstone. In his journal, he describes the potential of the Yellowstone valley for transportation and commerce.

I arrose early this morning and had the perogue and canoes loaded and set out at half after 6 A. M.

Meriwether Lewis

Missouri River

Sandy shore with animal prints along the blue Missouri River

we saw but few buffaloe in the course of this day, tho' a greater number of Elk, deer, wolves, some bear, beaver, geese a few ducks, the party coloured covus, one Callamet Eagle, a number of bald Eagles, red headed woodpeckers &c.

Meriwether Lewis

Golden eagle, Aquila chrysaetos

Close up of golden eagle head

Photo ©2006 Daniel from Guipavas. Permission via the Creative Commons 2.0 License.

passed the enterance of Jo Field's Creek 35 yds wide imediately above a high bluff which is falling into the river very fast. on the Side of this bluff I saw Some of the Mountain Bighorn animals. I assended the hill below the Bluff.

William Clark

Charbonneau Creek

High bluff, small creek, and the muddy Yellowstone River

at 8. A. M. I arived at the Junction of the Rochejhone with the Missouri, and formed my Camp imediately in the point between the two river at which place the party had all encamped the 26th of April—1805.

William Clark

Missouri River

Brushy meanders and channels of the Missouri River