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Lewis' group spends the day drying out cargo inside Indian lodges near present Horseshoe Bend. Pryor is drifting down the Yellowstone in bull boats. Ahead, a Grizzly attacks Clark's canoes as he nears the confluence with the Missouri.

I proceeded on and encampd a little above the enterance of Jo: Feilds Creek on Stard. Side in a high bottom Covered with low Ash and elm. the Musquetors excessively troublesom.

William Clark

Charbonneau Creek and Yellowstone River

A large pointed island in a smooth, river

the river in this days decent is less rapid crouded with Islds and muddy bars and is generally about one mile in wedth.

William Clark

Yellowstone River near Its mouth

A smooth and gentle Yellowstone River

The morning proved fair and I determined to remain all day and dry the baggage and give the men an opportunity to dry and air their skins and furr.

Meriwether Lewis

This was a fine clear morning

Patrick Gass

Missouri River morning

Sunflowers and sagebrush overlooking the Missouri River