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The day is wet and rainy. Lewis stops at Indian lodges 15 miles below the Musselshell River to dry his Bighorn sheep skin specimens. On the Yellowstone, Clark must wait for a large herd of Buffalo to cross the river.

not withstanding an island of half a mile in width over which this gangue of Buffalow had to pass and the Chanel of the river on each Side nearly ¼ of a mile in width, this gangue of Buffalow was entirely across and as thick as they could Swim. the Chanel on the Side of the island the went into the river was crouded with those animals for ½ an hour.

William Clark

American buffalo, Bison bison

Painting of a large bison herd crossing the Missouri River

Painting on a display at Decision Point historical area.

The brooks have all Some water in them from the rains which has fallen. this water is excessively muddy.

William Clark

Yellowstone River at Elk Island

Wide blue and muddy river

the river has more Sand bars today than usial, and more Soft mud. the current less rapid.

William Clark

Yellowstone River at Elk Island

The rain still continuing I set out early as usual and proceeded on at a good rate.

Meriwether Lewis

Rainy morning on the Missouri River

Sun breaking through rain clouds over the Missouri river

about 3 P. M. a large white bear approached our Camp    as Soon as he discovred us Stood up on his hind feed and looked at us.

John Ordway