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Lewis' crew faithfully plies their oars and camps below Cow Creek on the Missouri River. On the Yellowstone, Clark lines the canoes down rapids and waits out a passing storm. He makes 45 miles camping below the Powder River.

the currant being strong and the men anxious to get on they plyed their oars faithfully and we went at the rate of about seven miles an hour.

Meriwether Lewis

Missouri River at Judith Landing

Calm river sweeping through a wide valley

passed the enterance of a river the water of which is 100 yds wide, the bead of this river nearly ¼ of a mile
this river is Shallow and the water very muddy and of the Colour of the banks a darkish brown

William Clark

Powder River

A muddy river with large sandbars and islands

The river on which we passed to day is not So wide as above containing but fiew islands with a Small quantity of Cotton timber. no timber of any kind to be Seen on the high lands on either Side.

William Clark

Confluence of Yellowstone and Powder rivers

Yellowstone River flowing through sage brush countr

a violent Storm from the N. W. obliged us to land imediately below this rapid, draw up the Canoes and take Shelter in an old Indian Lodge above the enterance of a river which is nearly dry it has laterly been very high and Spread over nearly a mile in width. its Chanel is 88 yards and in this there is not more water than could pass through an inch auger hole. I call it Yorks dry R.

William Clark

One-inch auger

1-inch auger and hand drill

Furnishings provided by Dave Benson of the Hog Heaven Muzzleloaders.

I observe great quantities of red Stone thrown out of this river that from the appearance of the hills at a distance on its lower Side induced me to call this red Stone river.

William Clark

Powder River bank

Small colored river rocks