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On the Marias, Lewis waits for clear weather to make navigational measurements. Clark heads down the Yellowstone River two small canoes lashed together. He asks Pryor, Shannon, and Windsor to take the remaining horses to the Mandan.

at 8 A M. we Set out and proceeded on very well to a riffle    at this riffle the Small Canoes took in a good deel of water which obliged us to land...to dry our articles and bail the Canoes.

William Clark

Yellowstone River near Laurel

Mountain River with rapids and rocky shores

this Lodge a council lodge, it is of a Conocil form 60 feet diamuter at its base built of 20 poles each pole 2½ feet in Secumpheranc and 45 feet Long built in the form of a lodge & covered with bushes.

William Clark

It [Indian lodge] is Situated in the Center of a butifull Island thinly Covered with Cotton wood under which the earth which is rich is Covered with wild rye and a Species of grass resembling the bluegrass, and a mixture of Sweet grass which the Indian plat and ware around their necks for its cent which is of a Strong sent like that of the Vinella

William Clark

Sweetgrass, Hierochloe odorata

Grass gone to seed

Photo ©2006 Krzysztof Ziarnek. Permission via the GNU Free Documentation License.

Campd a little below Pryers river of 35 yds. on S E.

William Clark

Yellowstone River near Huntley

Rapid river running through a broad valley

At 8 A. M. the sun made it's appearance for a few minutes and I took it's altitude but it shortly after clouded up again and continued to rain the ballance of the day

Meriwether Lewis


1800's sextant in a wood box

Sextant from the Bud Clark collection.

several wolves visited our camp today, I fired on and wounded one of them very badly.

Meriwether Lewis

Wolf print

1800's sextant in a wood box

they proceeded on to Portage river. About an hour after they started, a very heavy shower of rain, accompanied with thunder and lightning, came on, and lasted about an hour and a half. After this we had a fine evening, and a little before sunset the other waggon with a canoe arrived

Patrick Gass

Box Elder Creek

Small creek valley in the plains