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Drouillard is sent to find where the Marias River enters the Rocky Mountains. At the Yellowstone River canoe camp, Labiche determines the missing horses were stolen. At the Great Falls portage, the axles on the carts need constant repair.

the men finished both Canoes by 12 oClock to day, and I sent them to make Oars & get poles

William Clark

Yellowstone River Canoe Camp

Painting of a man chopping a log to make a canoe

in the evening had the two Canoes put into the water and lashed together
ores and everything fixed ready to Set out early in the morning, at which time I have derected Sergt. Pryor to Set out with the horses and proceed on to the enterance of the big horn river

William Clark

Dugout canoes

Two dugout canoes side-by-side

Drewyer informed us that there was an indian camp of eleven leather lodges which appeared to have been abandoned about 10 days, the poles only of the lodges remained. we are confident that these are the Minnetares of fort de prarie and suspect that they are probably at this time somewhere on the main branch of Maria's river on the borders of the buffaloe, under this impression I shall not strike that river on my return untill about the mouth of the North branch.

Meriwether Lewis

Teepee poles

Teepee poles lying on the ground

Photo courtesy of Sacajawea State Park (Washington).

There was a plesant morning after the rain;

Patrick Gass

Box Elder Creek

Small ravine in a large prairie

with much difficulty we got the 2 canoes & considerable of baggage to willow Creek about Sunset and Camped.

John Ordway

The portage

Painting of the men and horses hauling a dugout canoe across the prairie