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Near present Cutbank, Missouri, Lewis suspects that the Marias will not head any farther north. At the canoe camp on the Yellowstone River, half of Clark's horses disappear during the night. The horses at the Great Falls are also missing.

we found the ravines which made in on this side were so steep and numerous that we passed the river in doing which the pack horse which carried my instruments missed the ford and wet the instruments.

Meriwether Lewis

Birch Creek

Small creek running through steep ravines

this stream is closely confined between clifts of freestone rocks the bottom narrow below us and above the rocks confine it on each side; some little timber below but not any above; the water of this stream is nearly clear.

Meriwether Lewis

Cut Bank Creek

Small river running through a cut bank

after dinner we set out up the North branch keeping on it's S. side; we pursued it untill dark and not finding any timber halted and made a fire of the dung of the buffaloe. we lay on the south side in a narrow bottom under a Clift.

Meriwether Lewis

Cut Bank Creek

Steep ravines cut by a small creek

Shannon informed me that he Saw a remarkable large Lodge about 12 miles below, covered with bushes and the top Deckorated with Skins &c and had the appearance of haveing been built about 2 years.

William Clark

we appear to be in the beginning of the buffalow Country. the plains are butifull and leavel but the Soil is but thin Stoney and in maney parts of the plains & bottoms there are great quantity of prickly pears.

William Clark

Plains prickly pear, Opuntia polyacantha

View of river backed up by a dam

A plesant morning.
we lay where the canoes were all night.

Patrick Gass

Sunrise over the portage route

Sun breaking over the mountains on an early Montana morning