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At the Great Falls, Lewis prepares horses for the portage and his exploration of the Marias River. McNeal's musket breaks while escaping a Grizzly. Clark climbs over present Bozeman pass and camps on the Yellowstone River near Livingston.

but fiew flowers to be Seen in those plains. low grass in the high plains, and the Common corse grass, rushes and a species of rye is the growth of the low bottoms.

William Clark

Grassy plain above the Yellowstone River

Grassy plain above the Yellowstone River

I marked my the first two letters of my name and the day of the year &c. on one of the Cotton trees with red paint The valley is open and extensive

William Clark

Yellowstone River

Yellowstone River near flood stage

the hill Sides over which we passed contain a hard white rock which lies in an inclined position and shows only in Stratus.

William Clark

Yellowstone River limestone

Limestone cliffs along the Yellowstone River

I can See no timber Sufficient large for a Canoe which will Carry more than 3 men and Such a one would be too Small to answer my purpose

William Clark

Shields and Yellowstone rivers

Sandy bars at the mouth of the Shields River

Shield River discharges itself into the Rochejhone on it's N W. side above a high rocky Clift, this river is 35 yards wide deep and affords a great quantity of water    it heads in those Snowey Mountains to the N W with Howards Creek, it contains some Timber Such as Cotton & willow in it's bottoms, and Great numbers of beaver

William Clark

Shields River mouth

River islands at the Shields River mouth

passed the creek and over a high rocky hill and encamped in the upper part of a large bottom.

William Clark

Yellowstone River near Sheep Mountain

Looking down on a valley from a mountain pass

We had pleasant weather.

Patrick Gass

Upper Portage Camp

A wide, calm river

In the evening, the man who had started to go to the other end of the portage, returned without being there. A white bear met him at Willow creek, that so frightened his horse that he threw him off among the feet of the animal; but he fortunately (being too near to shoot) had sufficient presence of mind to hit the bear on the head with his gun; and the stroke so stunned it, that it gave him time to get up a tree close by before it could seize him. The blow, however, broke the gun and rendered it useless; and the bear watched him about three hours and went away; when he came down, caught his horse about two miles distant, and returned to camp.

Patrick Gass

Box Elder Creek

A small valley in a Montana prairie

a fair morning. we Set out at light and proceed on verry well    overtook Collins who had killed three deer about 9 A. M. we halted for breakfast & Collins killed a fat buck & P. Cruzatte killed a goat or antelope. we proced. on verry well    the currents are common & ripe. Colter killed a panther a deer and a rattle Snake. in the evening we Camped in the mountains. Collins killed 4 Elk. the Musquetoes verry troublesom in deed.

John Ordway

Missouri River near York

River flowing into a narrow canyon