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At the Great Falls, Lewis makes ready to portage the canoes which Ordway is bringing from the Three Forks. Clark travels by horseback up the Gallatin River towards a pass shown by Sacagawea. They camp near present Bozeman, Montana.

here the Squar informed me that there was a large road passing through the upper part of this low plain from Madicins river through the gap which I was Stearing my Course to.

William Clark

Near Kelly Creek

Deep valley in steep, snow capped peaks

the river is divided and on all the small Streams inoumerable quantities of beaver dams, tho' the river is yet navagable for Canoes.

William Clark

Gallatin River

Channeled River

Camped on a small branch of the middle fork on the N E. Side at the commencement of the gap of the mountain—

William Clark

Kelly Creek

Brushy creek

There was a pleasant morning.—

Patrick Gass

Sunrise at Upper Portage Camp

Calm Missouri River at sunrise

the wolves are in great numbers howling arround us and loling about in the plains in view at the distance of two or three hundred yards. I counted 27 about the carcase of a buffaloe which lies in the water at the upper point of the large island.

Meriwether Lewis

Bison and Gray wolf

Painting of a large herd of buffalo crossing the Missouri river

This Charles Russell painting is on an interpretive sign at the Great Falls, Montana Tourist Center.

the old cash being too damp to venture to deposit my trunks &c in I sent them over to the Large island and had them put on a high scaffold among some thick brush and covered with skins. I take this precaution lest some indians may visit the men I leave here before the arrival of the main party and rob them.

Meriwether Lewis

Missouri River at White Bear Islands

Large island in the Missouri River

the wind rose So high that we were unable to proceed. So two hunters went out a hunting. in the evening as the wind fell we mooved down the R. to a bottom and Camped.

John Ordway

Missouri River at York Islands

Small river with rocky shores