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Above the Great Falls, Lewis' party searches for lost horses. After the wind abates, they cross the Missouri in their bull boat and buffalo skin canoe. On the Jefferson River, Clark's canoe is blown into a log and nearly overturns.

a clear morning.

John Ordway

Beaverhead River valley sunrise

Wide valley bathed in golden light

the Current I find much Stronger below the forks than above and the river tolerably streight as low as panther Creek when it became much more Crooked

William Clark

Jefferson and Big Hole rivers

River with a strong current

Photo by Mike Cline who has released it to the public domain.

after dinner I proceeded on and Encamped a little below our encampmt. of the 31st of July last.

John Ordway

Jefferson River near Cardwell, Montana

Jefferson River flowing against a rock cliff

at Noon Werner returned having found three others of the horses near Fort Mountain.

Meriwether Lewis

Near Simms, Montana

Montana prairie grass and rocky desert butte

the present season has been much more moist than the preceeding one. the grass and weeds are much more luxouriant than they were when I left this place on the 13th of July 1805.—

Meriwether Lewis

Missouri Coteau

Rolling Montana prairie

saw the brown thrush, pigeons, doves &c.—

Meriwether Lewis

Brown thrasher, Toxostoma rufum

Small brown bird perched on a railing

Photo by Ken Thomas who has released it to the public domain.

the yellow Currants begining to ripen.

Meriwether Lewis

Golden currant, Ribes aureum

Shrub with yellow flowers

Photo ©2008 Stan Shebs.

Calld the golden or Silken Rye. On the white bear Islands on the Missouri. Jul. 12th 1806.

Pursh (Meriwether Lewis)

Foxtail barley, Hordeum jubatum

Field of grass with fan like spikelets