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Lewis' group builds a bull boat and canoe from buffalo hides so they can cross the Missouri above Great Falls. Clark canoes down the Beaverhead River. At the Big Hole River, they take the iron from the canoe cached there last summer.

the morning was fair and the plains looked beatifull    the grass much improved by the late rain.
we set out early.

Meriwether Lewis

Crown Butte near Simms, Montana

Wide Montana prairie shining gold in the early morning

the missouri bottoms on both sides of the river were crouded with buffaloe I sincerely belief that there were not less than 10 thousand buffaloe within a circle of 2 miles arround that place.

Meriwether Lewis

at meridian passed Sergt. Pryors camp near a high point of land on the left Side which the Shoshones call the beavers head.

William Clark

Beaverhead Rock

Large rock that resembles a beaver

at 6 P M I passed Phalanthrophy river which I proceved was very low.

William Clark

Beaverhead and Ruby rivers

Small rivers in a wide valley

in the evening we arived at the mouth of Wisdom River. Camped where we left the Small canoe last year.

John Ordway

Big Hole River

A shallow, clear river with rocky shores