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Clark takes the canoes and Pryor leads the horses down the Beaverhead River. They camp just before Beaverhead Rock. Lewis is slowed by slippery mud and a Grizzly bear as he travels by horse along the Sun River west of the Great Falls.

the latter part of this course for 7 miles there is no timber in the river bottom, the other parts of the river possesses bottoms of the wide leafed cottonwood.

Meriwether Lewis

Floweree Coulee (Sun River)

Wide river valley with golden grass and cottonwood trees

great quantities of prickly pear of two kinds on the plains. both species of the prickly pears just in blume.—

Meriwether Lewis

Plains prickly pear, Opuntia polyacantha

Plains prickly pear with pink blossoms

goosberries are very abundant of the common red kind and are begining to ripen.

Meriwether Lewis

Whitestem gooseberry, Ribes inerme

Low, green bush

Photo by Dave Powell of the U.S. Forest Service.

24 m. to our encampment in a grove of cottonwood timber.

Meriwether Lewis

Sun River

Old meander in a farmer's field

proceeded on Down Jeffersons river on the East Side through Sarviss Vally and rattle snake mountain and into that butifull and extensive Vally open and fertile which we Call the beaver head Vally which is the Indian name    in their language Har na Hap pap Chah.

William Clark

Beaverhead River valley from Clark's Viewpoint

Broad valley veiwed from a high rock

I saw also on the Sides of the rock in rattle snake mountain 15 big horn animals, those animals feed on the grass which grow on the Sides of the mountn. and in the narrow bottoms on the Water courses near the Steep Sides of the mountains on which they can make their escape from the pursute of wolves Bear &c.

William Clark

Bighorn sheep, Ovis canadensis

Older and younger bighorn sheep grazing

Photo by Peter J. Carboni of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

we killed two young gees this evening. I saw several large rattle Snakes in passing the rattle Snake Mountain    they were fierce.

William Clark

Rattlesnake Cliffs

River valley and rock cliff