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After two days apart from Clark, Ordway's party arrives at Camp Fortunate with the missing horses. The cached canoes are prepared for travel. Lewis continues by horse along the Sun River towards the Great Falls of the Missouri.

rose early had the horses brought up. after which I had the Canoes raised washed, brough down and drawn up on Shore to dry and repard.

William Clark

Clark Reservoir near Camp Fortunate

Dugout canoe and barren hills

The Squar brought me a Plant the root of which the nativs eat. this root most resembles a Carrot...and the taste not unlike.

William Clark

Nineleaf biscuitroot, Lomatium triternatum

Plant with bundles of tiny yellow blooms

ms. through a handsome level wide bottom in which there is a considerable quanty of narrow leafed cottonwood timber. the river is generally about 80 yds. wide rapid yet I think it migt be navigated.
it's bed is loose gravel and pebbles.
the banks low but seldom overflow. water clear.

Meriwether Lewis

Sun River near Simms, Montana

Gentle bend of a river with grassy banks with cottonwoods

Perennial Flax. Valleys of the Rocky mountains. July 9th 1806.

Pursh (Meriwether Lewis)

Lewis's blue flax, Linum lewisii

Flower with five blue petals

Photo ©2009 Walter Sigmund. Used with permission of the GNU Free Documentation License.