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Lewis travels 31 miles on horseback up the Blackfoot River valley camping near present Monture Creek. Clark climbs over a high divide to reach Ross' Hole, Montana where they had camped with the Salish (Flathead) the previous year.

6 m. to the entrance of Werner's Creek 35 yds. wide through a high extensive prairie on N. side.    hills low and timbered with the long leafed pine, larch, and some fir.

Meriwether Lewis

Clearwater River (Montana)

Shallow river running though a wide mountain valley

at the heads of these two creeks high broken mountains stand at the distance of 10 m. forming a kind of Cove generally of open untimbered country.

Meriwether Lewis

Looking north from Monture Creek

Snow-capped peaks in front of sagebrush and purple flowers

We had another beautiful morning, set out early and proceeded on the same course as yesterday through a rough country, with a number of branches or small streams flowing from the hills.

Patrick Gass

Blackfoot River

Clear river running through a forest

arrive at a high prarie on N. side from one to three miles in width extending up the river.

Meriwether Lewis

Ninemile Prairie

Sagebrush prairie

saw a gang of antelopes here of which we killed one the does at this season herd with each other and have their young. the bucks are alone

Meriwether Lewis

Pronghorn, Antilocapra americana

Tan and white deer-like animals walking through the sagebrush

Photo by Jack Dykinga of the U.S. Forest Service.

A pale blue Species of Flag. Prairie of the Knobs Jul. 5th 1806.

Pursh (Meriwether Lewis)

Missouri iris, Iris missouriensis

Plant with a single flower with large, drooping blue petals

Photo ©Walter Sigmund. Downloaded from Wikimedia and used with permission of the Creative Commons 3.0 License.

in passing the 6th & last Chanel Colter horse Swam and with Some dificuelty he made the Opposite Shore, Shannon took a different derection from Colter rained his horse up the Stream and passed over very well    unfortunately my trunk & portmantue Containing Sea otter Skins flags Some curiosites & necessary articles in them got wet, also an esortment of Medicine, and my roots.

William Clark

West Fork Bitterroot River

Rocky stream with many channels

halted to let our horses graze and dry our wet articles. I saw fresh Sign of 2 horses and a fire burning on the side of the road. I prosume that those indians are spies from the Shoshones.

William Clark

Trail over Sula Peak

Small, clear stream

we packed up and Crossed the Mountain into the vally where we first met with the flatheads here I overtook Shields he had not killed any thing.

William Clark

Trail over Sula Peak

Wide trail up a dry, open hill

Shannon Came up about Sunset haveing found his tomahawk.

William Clark

Camp Creek

Dry channel of Camp Creek in a forest meadow
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