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The Expedition splits into two parties. Clark travels south through the Bitterroot valley camping near present Hamilton, Montana. Lewis heads north and has difficulty rafting across Clark's Fork near present Missoula, Montana.

we got up our horses and boath parties Set out about one time. Capts. Lewis & Clark parted here with their parties & proceed. on I with Capt. Clark up the flat head River.

John Ordway

Bitterroot valley sunrise

Large valley at sunrise

I proceeded down Clark's river seven miles with my party of nine men and five indians. here the Indians recommended our passing the river which was rapid and 150 yds. wide. as we had no other means of passing the river we busied ourselves collecting dry timber for the purpose of constructing rafts

Meriwether Lewis

Clark Fork island near Missoula, Montana

Small river channel with brushy island

I observed 2 Species of Clover in this vally one the white Clover Common in the Western parts of the U. States, the other Species which is much Smaller than either the red or white both it's leaf & blossom
the horses are excessively fond of this Species.

William Clark

Largehead clover, Trifolium macrocephalum

Flower with a large purple head