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The Expedition descends from the Bitterroot Mountains to present Lolo Creek in Montana. J. Field and Colter are sent back to search for lost horses. The Corps camps at the hot springs on Lolo Creek where they enjoy warm baths.

these warm springs are situated at the base of a hill of no considerable hight on the N side and near the bank of travellers rest creek which at that place is about 10 yards wide.
these springs issue from the bottoms and through the interstices of a grey freestone rock, the rock rises in iregular masy clifts in a circular range arround the springs on their lower side.

Meriwether Lewis

Lolo Hot Springs

Stream meandering through a forest valley

Crossed glade Creek Several times and halted at a handsom flat of grass and Commass. found that 2 of our horses got left back on the road    2 men went back for them

John Ordway

Packer Meadows, Lolo Trail

Forest meadow with thick camas blooms

The morning was pleasant, we set out early

Patrick Gass

Bitterroot mountain sunrise

Snow-capped mountains in early morning

at noon we arrived at the quawmas flatts on the Creek of the same name and halted to graize our horses and dine having traveled 12 miles.
there is a pretty little plain of about 50 acres plentifully stocked with quawmash and from apperances this fromes one of the principal stages or encampments of the indians who pass the mountains on this road.

Meriwether Lewis

Packer Meadows, Lolo Trail

Meandering creek and mountain meadow