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After gathering stray horses, the Expedition continues along dividing ridges on the Lolo trail. They are guided along a different route than the one they used last fall. They stop after making 13 miles where there is grass for the horses.

our guides took us on a ridge different from that we went last fall, but a better way. about one oClock we halted on the top of a bald mountain on the South Side of which our horses git tollarable feed.

John Ordway

13-Mile Camp, Lolo Trail

bear grass meadow, steep hill, Bitterroot mountains in background

at 12 oClock we arrived at an untimberd side of a mountain with a southern aspect just above the fishery
here we found an abundance of grass for our horses as the guids had informed us.
as our horses were hungary and much fatiegued and from information no other place where we could obtain grass for them within the reach of this evening's travel we deturmined to remain at this place all night haveing come 13 m. only.

William Clark

13-Mile Camp, Lolo Trail

bear grass meadow on a steep hill

there is a speceis of small whortleburry common to the hights of the mountains

Meriwether Lewis

Grouse whortleberry, Vaccinium scoparium

very low bush with bright red berries

a speceis of grass with a broad succulent leaf which looks not unlike a flag; of the latter the horses are very fond, but as yet it is generally under the snow or mearly making it's appearance as it confined to the upper parts of the highest mountains.—

Meriwether Lewis

Great woodrush, Luzula sylvatica

Large-bladed grass

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