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The Expedition travels the trail above Hungery Creek. They then climb up to their cached cargo where the snow banks are 7 feet in depth. They continue to the top of the Bitterroot divide and follow the ridgeline to present Bald mountain.

there is a great abundance of Species of bear grass which grows on every part of those Mountains, its growth is luxurient and continues green all winter but the horses will not eate it.

William Clark

Bear grass, Xerophyllum tenax

White bear grass tops in a mountain meadow

we passed by the same rout we had travelled on the 17th inst. to our deposit on the top of the snowey mountain to the N. E. of hungary Creek. here we neceessarily halted about 2 hours to arrange our baggage and prepare our loads.
we cooked and made a haisty meal of boiled venison and mush of cows.
the snow has subsided near four feet since the 17th inst. it is now generally about 7 feet.

Meriwether Lewis

Sherman Ridge

Aerial view of two snowy ridges separated by a creek

© Photo courtesy of Gene Eastman. Used with permission.

on our way up this mountain about the border of the snowey region we killed 2 of the small black pheasant and a female of the large dommanicker or speckled pheasant, the former have 16 fathers in their tail and the latter 20

Meriwether Lewis

Blue grouse, Dendragapus obscurus | Spruce grouse, Dendragapus canadensis

Two similar types of grouse

Blue grouse photo © 2007 Minette. Permission via the Creative Commons 3.0 License.

we set out with our guides who lead us over and along the steep sides of tremendious mountains entirely covered with snow except about the roots of the trees where the snow had sometimes melted and exposed a few square feet of the earth.
we ascended and decended severall lofty and steep hights but keeping on the dividing ridge between the Chopunnish and Kooskooske rivers we passed no stream of water.

Meriwether Lewis

Bitterroot mountain snow

snow bank that has melted around a tree

On hungry creek June: 26th 1806.

Pursh (Meriwether Lewis)

Scarlet gilia, Ipomopsis aggregata

Red, trumpet-shaped flowers

Photo ©2010 Walter Sigmund. Permission via the GNU Free Documentation License.

On hungry creek June: 26th 1806.

Pursh (Meriwether Lewis)

Mountain kittentails, Synthyris missurica

Largely serrated leaves and purple flowers

Photo ©Walter Sigmund. Permission via the Creative Commons 3.0 License.