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The Expedition and Nez Perce guides leave Salmon Trout Camp early in the morning. They travel along the timber-crossed Lolo trail to Hungery Creek. In the evening, Clark gives a buffalo robe to an Indian guide lacking warm clothing.

after dinner we continued our rout to hungary Creek and encamped about one and a half miles below our encampment of the 16th inst.— the indians continued with us and I beleive are disposed to be faithfull to their engagement. I gave the sik indian a buffaloe robe he having no other covering except his mockersons and a dressed Elkskin without the hair.

Meriwether Lewis

Hungery Creek near Jerusalem Artichoke Camp

Clear mountain creek turning against a rock cliff

last evening the indians entertained us with seting the fir trees on fire.

Meriwether Lewis

we Camped eairly as their is no grass near a head.

John Ordway

Hungery Creek

Forest stream

last evening the indians entertained us with seting the fir trees on fire. they have a great number of dry lims near their bodies which when set on fire creates a very suddon and immence blaze from bottom to top of those tall trees.
they are a beatifull object in this situation at night. this exhibition reminded me of a display of fireworks.
the natives told us that their object in seting those trees on fire was to bring fair weather for our journey.

Meriwether Lewis

Burned tree on the Lolo Trail

Pine tree burned in a forest fire

at this place the squaw Collected a parcel of roots of which the Shoshones Eat. it is a Small knob root a good deel in flavour and Consistency like the Jerusolem artichoke.

William Clark

Western spring beauty, Claytonia lanceolata

Plant with large tuber

Angelica within the Rocky mountains in moist places Jun: 25th 1806? The flowering one taken in Septb 3d 1805.

Pursh (Meriwether Lewis)

Angelica, Angelica arguta

Plant with multiple white umbels

A plant growing in wet places with a Single Stem, & leaves clasping around one another; no flowers observed. On the Kooskooskee Jun: 25th 1806

Pursh (Meriwether Lewis)

California false hellebore, Veratrum californicum

Large leaved plant