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The Expedition leaves Weippe prairie in the morning with three Nez Perce guides. At Pheasant Camp on Lolo Creek, they meet Frazier and have their midday meal. At Salmon Trout Camp, the Indians set fire to living trees.

From the journals...

we dined and proceeded towards evening we arived at a Small prarie on a branch of Collinses Creek where the 2 Indn. and our men except 2 were waiting for us.

John Ordway

Salmon Trout Camp

Forest creek and meadow

we nooned it as usual at Collins's Creek where we found Frazier, solus; the other four men having gone in pursuit of the two indian men who had set out from Collins's Creek two hours before Frazier and Wizer arrived.

Meriwether Lewis

Lolo Creek at Pheasant Camp

a clear blue forest stream

after dinner we continued our rout to Fish Creek a branch of Collin's Creek

Meriwether Lewis

Eldorado Creek

small waterfall and creek running through a thick forest

here we found Sergt. Gass Wiser and the two indians whom they had prevailed on to remain at that place untill our arrival
we had fine grass for our horses this evening.

Meriwether Lewis

Salmon Trout Camp

tall grass in forest meadow