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Drouillard and Shannon arrive at Weippe prairie with three Nez Perce guides. Four men are sent to the other two Nez Perce guides who are waiting ahead on the Lolo trail. All is made ready to begin the Bitterroot crossing tomorrow.

From the journals...

We directed the horses to be brought near Camp and secured in Such a manner that they may be readily obtained in the morning being deturmined to make an early Start if possible—.

William Clark

Weippe prairie

Horses in meadow near Weippe

in the afternoon Drewyer Shannon & Whitehouse returned with the young chief and 2 other Indians who has engaged to go over the mountains as guides for us &C.

John Ordway

Nez Perce man

historic portrait of young Nez Perce man

Photo by Edward S. Curtis circa 1905.

Near the foot of the Rocky mountain on the Quamash flats—

Pursh (Meriwether Lewis)

Camas, Camassia quamash

Blue flower in front of a meadow of blue camas blooms