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At Weippe prairie, the Expedition waits for Drouillard and Shannon to return with Nez Perce guides. Whitehouse is sent to town to purchase salmon with beads found in Clark's coat pocket. The hunters kill 8 deer and 3 bear.

From the journals...

we despatched whitehouse to the Kooskooke near our old encampment above Collins Creek in order to precure Some Salmon which we understood the nativs are now takeing in considerable quantities near that place.
we gave whitehouse a fiew beeds which I unexpectedly found in one of my waistcoat pockets to purchase the fish.

William Clark

Kamiah Valley (Long Camp)

Large forest valley

This morning by light all hands who Could hunt were Sent out, the result of the days performance was greater than we had even hopes for. we killed eight Deer and three Bear.

William Clark


Large grassy meadow with a few camas blooms