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While traveling back to Weippe prairie, the Expedition meets two Nez Perce. The men are returning the Corps' lost horses and mule. They agree to wait for the Corps to return, and then travel with them over the Bitterroot mountains.

we pressed these indians to remain with us and to conduct us over the mountain on the return of Drewyer and Shannon.
they consented to remain two nights for us and accordingly deposited their store of roots and bread in the bushes at no great distance and after dinner returned with us, as far as the little prarie about 2 miles distant from the creek,
here they halted with their horses and informed us they would remain untill we overtook them or at least two nights.

Meriwether Lewis

Crane Meadows

Large forest meadow with blue camas blooms

we halted and dined below the forks of Collinses Creek.
we descended the mountain down to the Commass flat towards evening and Camped at the old Camping ground.

John Ordway

Lolo Creek at Pheasant Camp

Large creek running through a meadow

at the pass of Collin's Creek we met two indians who were on their way over the mountain; they had brought with them the three horses and the mule that had left us and returned to the quawmash grounds.
these indians returned with us about ½ a mile down the creek where we halted to dine and graize or horses at the same place I had halted and remained all night with the party on the [21st] of Septembr last.

Meriwether Lewis

Pheasant Camp

Green mountain meadow