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The Expedition waits at Salmon Trout Camp for Drouillard and Shannon to return with Nez Perce guides to lead them over the mountains. Game is scarce, so the Captains consider other routes should they not be able to cross the Bitterroots.

From the journals...

the travelling in the mountains on the snow at present is very good, the snow bears the horses perfictly; it is a firm coase snow without a crust, and the horses have good foot hold without sliping much; the only dificulty is finding the road, and I think the plan we have devised will succeed even should we not be enabled to obtain a guide.

Meriwether Lewis

Lolo Trail west of Hungery Creek

Painting of horses being led over a snow field

Painting previously located in Southern Hills Mall, Sioux City, Iowa and created by by Split Rock Studios.

Although the snow may be stated on an average at 10 feet deep yet arround the bodies of the trees it has desolved

Meriwether Lewis

Lolo Trail

Bank of snow melted around the base of a tree

Several men went at fishing fixed gigs of Bayonets & Indn. gigs and fixed a dip net &C. and killd and caught 7 Salmon trout

John Ordway

Salmon Trout Camp

Grassy forest meadow and creek