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After a delay to collect wandering horses, the Expedition continues its retreat from the mountains. Potts cuts his leg, and Colter's horse tumbles off the trail. They camp on Eldorado Creek where they see a number of steelhead salmon.

after dinner we proceeded on to Collin's Creek and encamped in a pleasant situation at the upper part of the meadows.

Meriwether Lewis

Salmon Trout Camp

large, green meadow in the forest

Colters horse fell with him in passing hungary creek and himself and horse were driven down the Creek a considerable distance roleing over each other among the rocks. he fortunately escaped with[out] much injurey or the loss of his gun.

William Clark

Hungery Creek

Raging creek

This morning we had considerable difficulty in collecting our horses they having straggled off to a considerable distance in surch of food on the sides of the mountains among the thick timber; at 9 OCk. we collected them all except one of Drewyers and one of Sheildes; we set out leaving Sheilds and LaPage to collect the two lost horses and follow us.

Meriwether Lewis

Horses near the Lolo Trail

Two horses grazing in in a mountain meadow

Photo © Gene Eastman.