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The Expedition continues at Weippe prairie waiting for mountain snows to melt. Game becomes so scarce that the hunters must go on longer, overnight trips. Lewis describes the Camas plant and how the Nez Perce harvest and cook the bulbs.

From the journals...

As I have had frequent occasion to mention the plant which the Choppunish call quawmash I shall here give a more particular discription of that plant
the corolla consists of six long oval, obtusly pointed skye blue or water coloured petals, each about 1 inch in length; the corolla is regular as to the form and size of the petals but irregular as to their position

Meriwether Lewis

Camas, Camassia quamash

Blue camas bloom

All of our hunters were out by daylight this Morning. Labeech and Shann was the only Suckcessull hunters, Labeech killed a Black bear and a large buck, and Gibson killed a very fat Buck.

William Clark

Weippe Prairie

green prairie grass and pine trees

this bulb is from the size of a nutmeg to that of a hens egg and most commonly of an intermediate size or about as large as an onion of one years growth from the seed.

Meriwether Lewis

Camas bulb, Camassia quamash

Small white bulb