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As the time to cross the mountains nears, Lewis determines to get the men in better shape. They conduct foot races with the Nez Perce, play the game Prisoner's Base, and in the evening, dance.

From the journals...

in the evening Several foot races were run by the men of our party and the Indians; after which our party divided and played at prisoners base untill night. after dark the fiddle was played and the party amused themselves in danceing.

William Clark

Kamiah valley

Kamiah valley viewed from Adams Grade

one of the indians informed us that we could not pass the mountains untill the full of the next moon or about the first of July, that if we attempted it sooner our horses would be at least three days travel without food on the top of the mountain; this information is disagreable inasmuch as it causes some doubt as to the time at which it will be most proper for us to set out.
however as we have no time to loose we will wrisk the chances and set out as early as the indians generally think it practicable or the middle of this month.—

Meriwether Lewis

Stormy Bitterroot Mountains

Bitterroot Mountains near Saddle Camp