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At Long Camp, Goodrich and Willard cross the Clearwater River to visit the Nez Perce villages. Ordway leaves the Snake River with less salmon than he thought he had purchased. He camps on the edge of the Camas prairie.

they took us over a verry bad hill down on to the Thommonama river again then left the river ascended a high long hill near the top of which is a large village    we Camped near Sd. village as night came on.

John Ordway

Wapshilla Ridge

Steep hills in Hell's Canyon

we have Sixty five horses at this time, most of them in excellent order
the deer Swam over and one of our hunters killed it.

William Clark

Horses at the Weippe prairie

Horses above Weippe Prairie

I am disposed to adopt the Indian distinction with rispect to these bear and consider them two distinct speceis. the white and the grizzly of this neighbourhood are the same of those found on the upper portion of the Missouri where the other speceis are not, and that the uniform redish brown black &c of this neighbourhood are a speceis distinct from our black bear and from the black bear of the Pacific coast which I believe to be the same with those of the Atlantic coast, and that the common black bear do not exist here.

Meriwether Lewis

Grizzly bear, Ursus arctos horribilis | Brown bear, Ursus arctos

Grizzly bear with cubs and large brown bear

Grizzly bear photo created by Barry Aumiller of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
Brown bear photo created by Steve Hillebrand of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Some of the young Indians Stole Some of our fish and went away in the night. we got up our horses eairly and Set out on our return our old chief and his man stayed as they had got no fish yet

John Ordway

Snake River at Wapshilla Creek

Snake river running through barren hills with green and brown grass