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The Expedition continues at Camp Choppunish waiting for mountain snow to melt. The salmon begin to run in the Clearwater just as game becomes scarce. Jean Baptiste is still sick, and an attempt is made to treat the old Indian chief.

I caused a Swet to be prepared for the Indn. in the Same hole which bratten had been Sweeten
we attempted to swet the sick indian but could not Suckceed.

William Clark

Goodrich visited a village about 8 ms. above on the opposite side of the river and returned in the evening;
he procured but few roots, he informed us that there were but 8 persons at home; the others were either hunting, diging roots or fishing on Lewis's river.
he saw several salmon in their lodges which they informed him came from that river    these fish were remarkably fat and fine.

Meriwether Lewis

the most Strikeing difference between this Species of bear and the Common black bear are that the former are large and have longer tallens, hair, and tushes, prey more on other animals, do not lie so long or so closely in winter quarters, and will no Climb a tree, tho' ever so hardly pursued. They have atacked and fought our hunters already but not so feircely as those of the Missouri.

William Clark

Grizzly bear, Ursus arctos horribilis

Large, brownish bear eating a salmon

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