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At Long Camp, the Captains attend to medical needs. Bratton, barely able to walk, is treated with sweats and horse mint tea. Jean Baptiste's swelling increases while his fever is reduced. An old Nez Perce chief is also treated.

From the journals...

The child was very restless last night its jaw and the back of its neck are much more Swelled than it was yesterday.
I gave it a dost of Creme of Tartar and applyed a fresh Poltice of Onions.

William Clark

this day has proved warmer than any of the preceeding since we have arrived here.—

Meriwether Lewis

Kamiah valley

Large view of Kamiah Valley from Adams Grade on a sunny day

Bratton requested that he might be sweated in the manner proposed by Sheilds to which we consented. during the time of his being in the sweat hole, he drank copious draughts of a strong tea of horse mint.

Patrick Gass

Nettle-leaf giant hyssop (Horse mint), Agastache urticifolia

Bulbish bloom with purple pedals

Photo by U.S. Forest Service.