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While waiting for mountain snow to melt at Long Camp, game becomes scarce. Seaman chases a wounded deer, and Jean Baptiste is treated with cream of tartar—a diuretic and laxative.

The Child is Something better this morning than it was last night.
we apply a fresh poltice of the wild Onion which we repeeted twice in the Course of the day.
Our hunters brought us a large hooting owl which differ from those of the atlantic States.

William Clark

Great gray owl, Strix nebulosa

Great grey owl magically hovering in air

a fair morning.

William Clark

Ridge above Long Camp

Green hills with a few Ponderosa pines

Labiech also brought a whisteling squerel which he had killed on it's hole in the high plains.

William Clark

Columbian ground squirrel, Spermophilus columbianus

Columbian Ground Squirrel on a red rock

Photo ©2008 The Lilac Breasted Roller. Permission via the Creative Commons 2.0 License.

The plumage of this owl is an uniform mixture of dark yellowish brown and white, in which the dark brown prodominates. it's Colour may be properly termed a dark Iron gray.
the plumage is very long and remarkably Silky and Soft.
those have not the long feathers on the head which give it the appearance of ears, or horns, remarkable large eyes

William Clark

Great gray owl, Strix nebulosa

The face of a Great gray owl

Photo ©2007 BS Thurner Hof. Permission via the GNU Free Documentation License.