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The Captains have a bower made from willow poles and grass to keep them and the most important baggage dry. The remaining Indian goods are divided between the men so that they can trade for food.

as our tent was not sufficient to shelter us from the rain we had a lodge constructed of willow poles and grass...

Meriwether Lewis

we Set 5 Men at work to build a Canoe for the purpose of takeing fish and passing the river

William Clark

Nez Perce in a dugout canoe

Nez Perce man in a dugout canoe on the rocky shore

Photo by Edward S. Curtis December 8, 1910.

It rained a few hours this morning. Sheilds and Gibson set out to hunt towards the mountains.

Meriwether Lewis

Above Long Camp

Small riparian area on a rainy day

each man's stock in trade amounts to no more than one awl, one Kniting pin, a half an ounce of vermillion, two nedles, a few scanes of thead and about a yard of ribbon; a slender stock indeed with which to lay in a store of provision for that dreary wilderness.

Meriwether Lewis

Trade goods

Two small cans of red powder

one of our party brought in a young sandhill crain it was about the size of a pateridge and of a redish brown colour, it appeared to be about 5 or six days old; these crains are abundant in this neighbourhood.

Meriwether Lewis

Sandhill crane chick, Grus canadensis

Sandhill Crane Chick (Grus canadensis)

Photo Tim Bowman of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.