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After a rainy night, the Expedition discovers that the Nez Perce pit which forms the center of their encampment, collects running water. The hunters continue their pursuit of local bears so that they can render their fat for cooking.

it is somewhat astonishing that the grass and a variety of plants which are now from a foot to 18 inches high on these plains sustain no injury from the snow or frost; many of those plants are in blume and appear to be of a tender susceptable texture.

Meriwether Lewis

Yellow glacier lily, Erythronium grandiflorum

Yellow glacier lily at Camas Prairie

the water passed through flimzy covering and wet our bed most perfectly in shot we lay in the water all the latter part of the night.
I carefully drained out exposed it to the air and wiped the works as well as I could with dry feathers after which I touched them with a little bears oil.
several parts of the iron and steel works were rusted a little which I wiped with all the care in my power. I set her to going and from her apparent motion hope she has sustained no material injury.

Meriwether Lewis

Pocket watch

pocket watch with simple design

Picture from Lewis and Clark Across the Divide by Carolyn Gilman. Smithsonian Books, page 121. ©2003 by the Smithsonian Institution with all rights reserved.

it is somewhat estonishing that the grass and a variety of Plants Sustain no injurey from the Snow or frost; Maney of those plants are in blume and appear to be of tender susceptable texture.

William Clark

Shooting star, Dodecatheon pulchellum

Shooting Star with bright purple petals

I am pleased at finding the river rise so rapidly, it now doubt is attributeable to the meting snows of the mountains; that icy barier which seperates me from my friends and Country, from all which makes life esteemable.— patience, patience—

Meriwether Lewis

Clearwater River near Long Camp

Clearwater River running very high at Kamiah, Idaho

A Small bulb of a pleasant flavour, eat by the natives.On the Kooskooske.

Pursh (Meriwether Lewis)

Cat's Ear Mariposa Lily, Calochortus elegans

A small lily hairy bloom

Photo ©2010 Walter Sigmund. Downloaded from Wikimedia and used with permission of the GNU Free Documentation License.