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At Long Camp at present Kamiah, Idaho, the hunters begin exploring the country between the Clearwater River and Lolo Creek. Sacagawea gathers Yampah roots. Lewis finds these roots and the local onions tasty and nutritious.

Shabonos Squar gatherd a quantity of fenel roots which we find very paleatiable and nurishing food.
Shannon killed one deer he brought in. this deer being the only animal they Could kill.

William Clark

Gairdner's yampah, Perideridia gairdneri

Gairdner's yampah, plant with small, white umbels

Photo by the U.S. National Park Service.

we also boil a small onion which we find in great abundance, with other roots and find them also an antidote to the effects of the others.
the mush of roots we find adds much to the comfort of our diet.

Meriwether Lewis

Geyer's onion, Allium geyeri

Small elongated bulb

Photo created by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

they informed us that game was wild and scarce, that a large creek (Collins' Creek) ran parallel with the river at the distance of about 5 or 6 miles which they found impracticable to pass with their horse in consequence of the debth and rapidity of it's current.

Meriwether Lewis

Lolo Creek

Looking upstream of Lolo Creek during high water

Looking upstream just above the confluence of Lolo Creek and the Clearwater River. Photo date: May 3, 2009.

I killed a snake near our camp, it is 3 feet 11 Inches in length, is much the colour of the rattlesnake common to the middle atlantic states, it has no poisonous teeth. it has 218 scutae on the abdomen and fifty nine squamae or half formed scutae on the tail. the eye is of moderate size, the iris of a dark yellowish brown and puple black. there is nothing remarkable in the form of the head which is not so wide across the jaws as those of the poisonous class of snakes usually are.— I preserved the skin of this snake.

Meriwether Lewis

Gopher snake, Pituophis melanoleucus

Close-up of large snake

Photo by Vassil who has released it to the public domain.